Hospitals are the largest generator of medical waste. Keeping patients, and the community around them safe is key. We work closely with our clients to come up with programs to do just that.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Making sure as people transition from one part of their life to the next making sure they are comfortable and their housing is free from any bio-waste that could be present is very important to us.

Educational Facilities

As we all know kids get injured at times. So we partner with schools all over Arizona to make sure after clean up is done the waste is taken out of the facilities. 

Cancer Centers

We work with leading cancer centers here in Arizona to make sure that their centers are clean and compliant. 

Small Business

We work with many types of businesses from small doctors offices to tattoo parlors to funeral homes and even dental facilities. Making sure businesses properly and safely dispose of their waste is key.


Animals are a big part of people's lives. Making sure all regulations are followed is important to not only the owners but to all parties involved